A Tree Surgeon’s Equipment List

A tree surgeon’s job is both fulfilling and difficult. It’s difficult since it is a bit harmful and requires knowledge and ability. It’s satisfying because it contributes to the health and beauty of the clients’ trees and gets rid of the risk of trees that are dead or in places they shouldn’t be. Like every specialist, the tree surgeon has his or her particular tools. Here are a few of them:

Devices Used By A Tree Surgeon


Limbs and branches are much heavier than they appear. An excellent, tough helmet is a need for a tree cosmetic surgeon.

Chainsaw Boots

The very best chainsaw boots are not only comfortable, however resistant and water-resistant to staining by oil, gasoline and chemicals. They also provide security against unintentional cuts from the chainsaw.


The invaluable chainsaw makes quick work of heavy branches. A chainsaw can be fueled by fuel, battery or electrical power and can have different bar lengths depending upon the job.


A harness should have a wide, somewhat stiff waist belt for the very best assistance while being comfortable. It should have rings and loops for devices and should be simple to enter and leave.

Rigging Equipment

There are generally 2 devices tree surgeons use for climbing up trees. They are harness and rigging equipment. The latter is utilized to climb bigger trees, transport heavy equipment and tools or to reduce substantial cut trees. A couple of rigging equipment tree surgeons in Walton on the Thames usually utilize are friction brakes, rigging plates, pulleys and blocks, light and heavy-duty slings, ring slings, cable hoists, carabiners, rigging thimbles, winches, swivels and power pullers, among others.

Wood Chippers

The main reason that tree surgeons in Leatherhead choose using tree chippers is that they help in reducing the trunks and limbs of a tree into little wood chips. A majority of the wood chippers are portable and can be quickly installed on wheels on frames. Not only do they assist in eliminating undesirable trees however the wood chips can likewise be used for a wide array of functions. If you want to get rid of unwanted wood quickly, Wood chips are easier to burn.

Way before tree surgeons came by, axes were utilized to cut or slice the limbs of trees. They are widely utilized for cutting wood from dropped trees utilized as firewood.


Not only mountaineers are seen with a harness. A harness is a crucial tool while going up the trees. With belts, rings, and loops that require to be worn by a tree surgeon, these aspects should be long lasting to stand the weight of the individual wearing which the equipment is tight sufficient to make sure that the task can be safely finished.


Even if you have the total rigging devices, however, the circumstance can not be handled using some strategies, cranes are used to reach parts of the tree that require felling and to direct the course where they should fall. Cranes safely get rid of trees without damaging your landscape.

Stump Grinders

A stump grinder is a machine that has a turning wheel on the front that is used to grind a tree stump into mulch. Sometimes, a tree surgeon’s task might be over when the tree is dropped, and the tree stump is just left in the ground.

Landowners might pick to eliminate the stump themselves or leave it in the ground. In woodland, tree stumps are often left as deadwood for environments for wildlife. A stump grinder is required if stump elimination is required or wanted.

Due to the fact that tree stumps will have roots that are thick and run deep into the ground, this is. A stump grinder is a truly powerful piece of equipment that has turning teeth. There are stump mills that are as big as a truck or as small as lawnmowers.

Tool Lanyards & Hooks

These products are developed to avoid tools and other items from falling to the ground while you’re hectic working. A tool dropped from height can cause serious injuries to anyone who may be standing underneath you, so it’s a good concept to utilize hooks and lanyards to keep whatever connected to your individual.

A Silky

Silky saws are robust handheld saws that are very in length and include various teeth depending upon the planned usage. They’re exceptionally versatile and can be utilized for both little and bigger tasks, so they always come in helpful.

There you have it, our list of 13 vital pieces that you require on the task. There’s one last piece that we have not mentioned above, and although it might not really help you finish the job, it’s no lesser; an emergency treatment package. Here’s hoping you’ll never ever need it, however, if you ever do you’ll be delighted you brought it along.

To guarantee you will work with the very best tree cutter person for the job, you need to discover if they follow the Australian Standards. A few of these standards are the following:

  • Occupational protective helmets (AS/NZS 1891).
  • Acoustics– Hearing protectors (AS/NZS 1270).
  • Occupational protective shoes– Guide to care, selection, and use (AS/NZS 2210.1)|page 58.
  • Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws– Protective legwear (AS/NZS 4453.3).
  • High presence security garments (AS/NZS 4602.1).
  • Chainsaw operator’s handbook.
  • Chainsaw operator’s manual and Chainsaws– Guide to safe working practices (AS 2727).
  • Chainsaws– Security requirements– Chainsaws for general use (AS 2726.1).
  • Chainsaws– Safety requirements– Chainsaws for tree service (AS 2726.2).


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